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Have a question, a special request? Contact us here or call us at 02 44 84 60 40.

From monday to saturday, 8am to 7pm
+33 2 44 84 60 40

Why our customers recommend us

We specialize exclusively in custom printing personalized scratch cards for professional clients to enhance their business operations and increase their revenue. Our scratch games are designed to engage their customer base by encouraging them to try their luck and win gifts, discounts, promotions, or other attractive benefits that each company may consider. With our expertise and know-how, we assist our clients in personalizing their scratch cards according to their specific needs. They can customize images, texts, and logos directly on our website or offline using our templates if they prefer.

Texts, images, QR codes, or other unique codes are unlimited beneath the scratch-off area. You can also provide us with a 100% variable content Excel file, which we integrate. Our French printing facility based in Indre et Loire (37) produces up to 10,000 tickets in just 2 working days, and standard shipping itself takes an additional two working days. Ticket variations can be kept separate and labeled upon delivery, or mixed upon request. We are also able to create sub-dispatches with fair lot distributions if it helps the client manage multiple distribution points. All our tickets have unique serial numbers for optimal traceability, and we provide an Excel file associating numbers/lots with the delivery to facilitate lot management.

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