Winning Scratch Tickets: A Great Idea for a Birthday

Winning Scratch Tickets: A Great Idea for a Birthday

August 10, 2020

Give Winning Scratch Tickets to Your Friends for Their Birthdays

Birthdays are fantastic occasions to delight your loved ones with unique ideas. The problem is that over the years, you may run out of inspiration. So, why not opt for personalized and winning scratch tickets?

What are Winning Scratch Tickets?

Winning scratch tickets are specially designed tickets to allow the recipient to win the desired gift. At Scratcher, we offer the creation of personalized scratch cards. You can choose the format, colors, images, or the message to print on your scratch card; it will be completely personalized according to your preferences. Depending on the number of tickets purchased, you can also choose how many of them will be winners and the message that will be written behind the scratch-off area. Thus, it is entirely possible to create winning scratch tickets every time you want to give a gift. The person to whom the winning scratch tickets are addressed will discover the ticket, scratch it, and win the offered gift.

How to Give Winning Tickets?

Do you already have a specific idea for a birthday gift, but you want to find an original way to give it? Winning scratch tickets will be perfect for this. To give a piece of jewelry or a trip, you can have your scratch card made with the desired style. You can thus offer winning scratch tickets for a birthday, and the recipient will then discover what their gift is. To maintain suspense, you can also mix the winning ticket with other scratch cards, for example. Choosing this type of gift will create surprise and allow you to create a completely personalized scratch card based on the recipient's tastes or the gift you plan to give. This gift idea will work well with both adults and children! Giving scratch tickets for a birthday is a beautiful idea, but many other occasions will be suitable for this type of gift, such as weddings.

How to Order Your Tickets?

To create your scratch card, you will start by choosing the format you prefer. We offer different sizes and shapes with one or more scratch-off areas. Once the ticket style is selected, you can add your text to personalize the message that will appear on your ticket and in the scratch-off area with a real-time preview of the result. You can also choose from many background images or upload images and use colors. Once the front of your personalized ticket is ready, you can also add a background and text to the back. Once your ticket suits you, all you have to do is place your order! The Scratcher team will then take care of manufacturing your tickets and send them to the desired address by mail.

In just a few clicks, you can easily create one or more completely personalized scratch cards. If you want to give an original surprise to a loved one for a birthday, all you have to do is decide on the gift and create your own scratch cards!

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