What are the different possible printing media for working on street marketing?

What are the different possible printing media for working on street marketing?

25th August 2022

In the era of 'all digital', does street marketing still have a role to play? The answer is unequivocally yes. There are different print media that have the advantage of directly reaching their target audience in their daily lives.

But before diving into the details, let's recall what this technique consists of.

Scratch cards: what is street marketing?

Street marketing is a form of marketing that involves broadcasting advertising messages in public places. It can take various forms, such as posters, flyer distribution, or street events.

How are messages disseminated? Street marketing can rely on various print media. Among the most common are posters and billboards. Posters are large-format media that enable messages to reach a wide audience. Billboards, on the other hand, are smaller media, usually installed outdoors, which can be customized according to the message to be conveyed.

We can also mention scratch cards, which, in addition to being an effective tool, have a playful aspect that directly involves the person to whom it is intended. The effect will be quite different from distributing a simple flyer, as curiosity is coupled with the lure of winning. Moreover, scratch cards have every chance of convincing you to integrate them into your street marketing strategy.

What are the different possible media?

Other print media commonly used in street marketing, aside from scratch cards, are flyers and brochures. Flyers are small-format media, often distributed on the streets or in public places. Brochures, on the other hand, are more elaborate media that allow presenting an offer in more detail.

Finally, street marketing can also rely on advertising vehicles, such as buses or trams, to spread its messages. Advertising vehicles reach a large audience, especially due to their visibility.

The advantages of scratch cards in street marketing

Scratch games and other scratch cards can be compared to flyers, tools mentioned earlier. But the difference is significant: the scratch card is a game that appeals to the lure of winning. For the prospect, it's not just about consulting information on a subject that might not necessarily interest them at first glance.

It's about playing, and potentially winning something through the scratch areas, which almost always encourages the prospect to 'play the game' and discover information about the brand, product, or company being presented, when they are present on the scratch card, of course.

Moreover, a scratch card is more likely to engage a prospect than a simple flyer.

What are the different types of print media for street marketing?

Print media for street marketing can be divided into two categories: static media and mobile media.

Static media for street marketing include banners and billboards. Banners are usually hung above streets or store entrances, while billboards are placed near stores or public places.

The advantages of static media for street marketing are that they are often cheaper to produce than mobile media and can be customized according to location. The disadvantages of static media for street marketing are that they can be difficult to install and are not easily portable.

Mobile media for street marketing include advertising posters, portable billboards, and advertising vehicles. Advertising posters can be installed, among other places, on building walls.

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