Scratcher Deploys Its Unique Scratch Card Printing Service in France.

Scratcher Deploys Its Unique Scratch Card Printing Service in France.

January 22, 2018

The company, based in LANGEAIS in Touraine, is the only one in France to design 100% variable, colorful, and secure scratch cards.

You have a ticket in hand containing 20 scratch locks, and you must only scratch 5. If you discover the 5 stars, congratulations: you have won the jackpot, and you are statistically the only one out of 1000 potential winners! And yet, each ticket contains the 5 famous stars!

Scratcher scratch card to win multiple rewards

Thus, Scratcher has been designing its game tickets for 2 years by playing with probabilities: by limiting the number of scratchable cases, the player selects themselves, and chance does the rest.

All Players Equal

Each ticket designed by Scratcher is unique (serial number), secure, and randomly mixes winning and losing symbols in the same proportions based on the chosen difficulty level. Historically a supplier to nightclubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, and campsites, Scratcher is now expanding its unique entertainment solutions in France to all businesses, associations, and individuals. Customers manage the prizes they want to offer. For merchants, Scratcher tickets aim to energize their activity by animating their events, showcasing their products or services, providing an alternative to entrance tickets, all elements to attract customers to their store or online shop (prize collection), and thus boost their turnover. Associations and individuals will discover a new raffle concept with these tickets.

Getting Cards

Scratcher offers 3 types of cards: ready-to-use cards available immediately, customizable cards, and fully custom cards. In the latter two cases, an intuitive online configurator on the website allows you to design the ticket effortlessly: manage visuals, define success probabilities and ticket difficulty, and add any additional information desired. The team's graphic designers will then optimize the visuals of the cards.

About Scratcher

Scratcher is a company founded in June 2015. To design your tickets, find Scratcher on their website or at

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