Scratch Tickets: Boost Your Commercial Animations

Scratch Tickets: Boost Your Commercial Animations

June 20, 2018

Discover our scratch cards

French people are very playful and love scratch games. To animate a promotional campaign or an event, scratch games are playful communication tools that generate traffic and boost revenue. The reason for their success? A simple and immediate mechanism that stimulates the appetite for play. Scratcher presents all the ins and outs of a scratch ticket.

The characteristics of our scratch tickets

Scratcher is the only company in France to offer scratch tickets that are 100% variable, customizable, and secure.

Variable scratch tickets are unique and each has a serial number. They mix winning and losing symbols in a random order, but always in the same proportions, based on a defined level of game difficulty. On a total number of scratchable boxes, the player is only allowed to scratch a certain number, which will be determined based on the desired difficulty level of the game. The law of probabilities determines the number of winners among the possible combinations. It is, therefore, the fortunate hand of the player that will decide their fate: winning combinations always exist on each ticket.

The ranges of Scratcher scratch tickets include:

  • Crescendo Scratch Card: The ticket, composed of 20 padlocks to scratch, is spread over 5 rows of different colors. The player must only scratch 5, one per row. The prizes will increase in value according to the color of the winning star obtained. This mechanism is suitable for a campaign offering unevenly valued prizes.

  • Uno Scratch Cards: Out of a total of 16 padlocks to scratch, the player must scratch a defined number and only obtain winning stars to get a prize. This is a mechanism that is suitable for getting customers to play for a big prize, attracting people to a website, or attracting customers to a store to claim prizes.

  • Evento Scratch Cards: The Evento offers 32 scratch cards that hide winning poker hands. Each probability for each combination is provided with instructions. The organizer must associate winning prizes with each hand and report the associated lot number for each reward obtained. The Evento is a perfect scratch ticket for organizing a modern raffle. Its mechanism simplifies organization and increases the profitability of the operation.

  • Famoso Scratch Ticket: Out of the 32 scratchable boxes, the player must only scratch 5 to get the best possible hand. The organizer can choose up to 9 different rewards to be won in their store. The value of each one will be determined by the combination indicated on the back of the ticket. A form to allow the player to try their luck again in the draw serves to feed your customer database.

100% customizable scratch games

All Scratcher scratch games are subject to customization on order. To effectively promote an operation: a contest, raffle... It is essential that each one carries the colors of the company.

On, you can create your personalized scratch ticket from all existing scratch games. Regardless of the card model chosen, you customize:

  • the logo in the top left corner
  • the indicated rules of the game
  • the background design
  • the level of difficulty (which will be reflected in the size of the scratchable area)
  • the photo of the prize to be won
  • the description of the prize
  • the company's contact information.

Created in a few clicks, personalized scratch tickets adapt to all facets of your communication. To promote your commercial events, do not hesitate to submit all your projects to us on Even your wildest personalized scratch tickets will be the subject of a quote!

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