Scratch Ticket: How to Use It at an International Event?

Scratch Ticket: How to Use It at an International Event?

March 10, 2020

How to Take Advantage of an International Event to Set Up a Scratch Card Game?

When an international event occurs, there is a kind of communion that takes place both on the streets and online among people from all over the world galvanized by the prospect of taking an interest in the same project. An international event is often an opportunity to enjoy special moments with friends or family, which is why they are precious occasions for brands to make themselves known in a different way, and the scratch card will be ideal for that.

Sports at the Center of Concerns

When one wishes to use the scratch card for an international event, it is often sports that will be at the center of concerns. Indeed, there are few occasions in a year that will engage the entire world and bring millions of people to follow an event. This phenomenon is found, for example, during the FIFA World Cup, but also the Olympic Games. Of course, there are slightly less followed sports events that also have an impact internationally, such as the Rugby World Cup, tennis tournaments, or even the Winter Olympics. So, it is often sports that bring citizens of the world together, although other events have a global impact, such as the release of a highly anticipated film. Big American blockbusters have an impact in many countries around the world from their release and are also a great opportunity to set up a promotional operation related to the film's subject.

How to Use Scratch Cards in These Conditions

If one wants to set up a promotional operation using the scratch card as a means of interest and communication for an international event, one must first find a link between their offer, brand, product, and the event in question. It will be necessary to think about how to link these two entities to give meaning to the campaign. Moreover, since scratch cards are customizable, they can be created based on the chosen event so that the link is easily made at first glance.

Regarding implementation, many means can be put in place to distribute a scratch card and allow everyone to win a small or very large gift. Obviously, these can be distributed at the checkout in stores or in packages during orders, but one can also create a real commercial animation during an event or on the street. For example, one could organize a themed evening in a place capable of accommodating a large number of people to both promote their product, distribute tickets, and watch a match, for instance. One could also choose to sponsor the premiere of a film and thus distribute scratch cards on the night of the screening. Scratch cards are a very good pretext to get the public interested in their offer and to improve their brand image, but the approach must make sense, and the context must be taken into consideration so that the entire operation is understandable to the public. It is therefore entirely possible to set up a scratch card game during an international event at a low cost and make one's offer known at the same time!

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