Scratch Ticket: How to Make Unsold Items Win?

Scratch Ticket: How to Make Unsold Items Win?

12th November 2019

It often happens in the life of a business that it faces a situation of unsold items. However, this is not a fatality because there are effective ways to turn this problem into advantages. Here's how to achieve it using scratch cards.

Why is the scratch card the best ally for your business?

Need to sell unsold items, stand out from competitors, or improve your business strategy? Why not opt for the scratch card? Indeed, the appeal of games on people in general and customers in particular is undeniable. This is the main reason why playful commercial events are so successful.

Thus, in the case of unsold items, it is entirely possible to organize a promotional campaign or an event to attract new customers and retain existing ones. The scratch card is, in particular, a playful communication tool that generates traffic as it arouses excitement, curiosity, a desire for gain, and a sense of valorization among customers.

Moreover, it is very popular with businesses because it allows them to attract prospects, retain their customers, and boost their turnover. In addition to being easily accessible, it is a cost-effective promotion. Scratcher offers on its site scratch games at very affordable prices.

How to use the scratch card to make your customers win?

The most effective way to use the scratch card is to personalize it. Personalized scratch games are actually an excellent way to stand out from the competition, ensure better visibility for your business, and increase its notoriety.

Scratcher is the only company in France to offer 100% variable, customizable, and secure scratch cards. By visiting the site, businesses can create in a few clicks their personalized scratch card from all existing scratch game templates. The variable cards are unique and each has a serial number.

Whether it's a commercial event or a promotion, the scratch card adapts to all commercial events. Scratcher gives businesses the opportunity to customize the logo in the top left, the level of difficulty, the indicated game rules, the photo and description of the prize to be won, the contact details of the company, and the background design. To create your own scratch cards, just log in to the site, choose a type or format, and place the order. The delivery times are very satisfactory.

Furthermore, to succeed in selling your unsold items by having customers win them, it is essential to stock them well. In addition to presenting the scratch card, presenting the prizes to be won is also very important. If they are highlighted, they will arouse much more desire to participate in the commercial event. Likewise, the more participants there are, the more tickets the company will sell, and it will be able to get rid of unsold items while benefiting from all the other advantages of scratch games.

What type of personalized scratch card does Scratcher offer?

There are different types of scratch cards. It will be enough to choose the one that best suits your business. The ranges of Scratcher scratch cards include:

  • The Crescendo: This scratch card is ideal for a commercial event offering prizes of unequal value. It consists of 20 scratchable locks that are staggered in 5 rows of different colors. The player must scratch one per row. The prizes will be of increasing value according to the color of the winning star obtained;
  • The Uno: It offers 16 scratchable locks. To leave with a prize, the player must scratch a defined number and must only obtain winning stars. This system is perfect for winning a big prize or attracting customers to the store to claim prizes;
  • The Evento: This scratch card consists of 32 scratch cards that hide winning poker hands. Each probability for each combination is provided with an instruction. The organizer must associate winning prizes with each hand and report on each of his rewards the lot number associated with the poker hand obtained. It is ideal for the organization of modern raffles;
  • The Famoso: It also offers 32 scratchable boxes. The player must only scratch 5 to get the best possible hand. The organizer can choose up to 9 different rewards to be won in his store. The value of each one will be set by the combination indicated on the back of the scratch card.
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