How to Finance Associative Projects with Scratcher Event Scratch Cards?

How to Finance Associative Projects with Scratcher Event Scratch Cards?

July 2, 2017

Principle of the Scratch Raffle

We will explain here how to use Scratcher Evento cards to create funds for your club or association. These cards are individual scratch cards of 105*100mm sold individually or in boxes of 50 cards, each concealing a set of 32 cards shuffled randomly under scratch-off areas. Each Scratcher Evento card is, therefore, absolutely unique and has its own serial number.

Players will play scratch poker. Regardless of whether they are familiar with the rules of poker in general, the regulations are explained on each card on the front, and the hands to obtain are detailed on the back with examples. As with each Scratcher scratch game, the player does not have to scratch all the cards, but only a limited number (5 cards). Since all possible cards are present on the card, luck lies only on the player's side, in the choice of the areas he will scratch, not in the card he is given.

Scratcher Evento Poker Scratch Card for Associations front

Principle of the Scratch Raffle

The organizer provides the rewards he wants to offer. These can have variable value and not necessarily be expensive. Indeed, it is possible to offer prizes without intrinsic value such as free entries, free wardrobes, extra rounds in the context of sports, cultural, or playful activities, free parking access, various consumptions (drinks, meals), dedications, VIP access to the event or an area, backstage access, priority access to an activity, etc. You can then, if you wish, accompany these prizes with higher-value prizes for combinations that are more difficult to obtain. You then put them up for grabs through the Scratcher Evento cards that you sell for €2 to the players.

Placement of Gifts on Ideal Poker Hands

Depending on the value of each of the planned rewards, you choose one of the poker hands proposed by EVENTO with the most suitable probability of success. For this, you have a notice detailing the success probabilities of each combination provided on a special notice. You just have to report on each of the prizes at stake the name of the poker hand to be obtained to win it. The player scratches 5 cards. If he gets a winning poker hand, he wins the associated prize. A box of 50 Scratcher EVENTO generates €100 in revenue for the association. The cards are also available individually.

Scratcher Evento Poker Scratch Card for Associations back

Additional Draw

Players can also write their contact details on the back of the card and put it in an urn to try to be drawn for an nth prize! All you have to do is get your scratch poker cards for association raffles here.

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