Scratch Game: How to Create Your Own Tickets with Scratcher?

Scratch Game: How to Create Your Own Tickets with Scratcher?

July 23, 2019

Set Up Your Own Scratch Games with the Scratcher Solution

Year-end holidays, sales, or the launch of a new product are all reasons that motivate businesses to organize promotional events. When successful, these events allow them to improve their business strategy and increase their turnover. A very effective communication tool, scratch cards are a highly favored means for businesses to succeed in their promotional events. However, it is even more effective when personalized. Here's how to create your own scratch cards without any hassle.

How to Create Your Own Scratch Game with Scratcher?

Whether it's for fundraising for an association or organizing a promotional event, the presentation of the scratch card is crucial. It must be playful and encourage participants to join in. This is where the interest of personalizing the scratch card lies, allowing, among other things, to stand out from the competition. Scratcher offers the possibility to configure your personalized scratch card in a few clicks using existing scratch game templates. Regardless of the chosen card model, it is possible to customize:

  • the company's details;
  • the logo in the top left corner;
  • the difficulty level;
  • the game rules;
  • the photo of the prize to be won;
  • the description of the prize; and
  • the background design.
Design your scratch cards online in a few clicks using the configurator at

To create your own cards, simply log in to the site, choose a type or format of scratch game, and place the order. The delivery times are generally very satisfactory.

What Type of Personalized Scratch Game Does Scratcher Offer?

The site offers several ranges of scratch cards, including:

  • the Nano scratch card: it is perfectly suited for operations offering gifts of unequal value. The size of a subway ticket (66x30), it is the ideal scratch card for low-cost marketing operations;
  • the Primo scratch card: the second card offered by Scratcher, it is the ideal scratch game to engage customers on a business card format (85x54) allowing to hide all the hidden messages of your choice. Various customizations can be made, especially on the shape of the scratch area;
  • the Evento scratch card: These scratch cards contain a large scratch area on a 100x50mm landscape format. The organizer can associate many variations with the customization of their scratch card and include very diverse winning prizes;
  • the Carro scratch card: it also offers many customization options. Here, the player must scratch a card in 80x80 format to win the winning prize;
  • the Trio scratch card: these scratch cards hide your prizes under three scratch areas. You can therefore associate many prizes to be won or even complicate the mechanics of your game. You will find these cards in 130x50 format;
  • the Alto scratch card: This scratch card format allows you to create your game in either portrait or landscape format on a 75x105 card. Also customize the scratch area (square, rectangular) to differentiate your scratch card;
  • the Carto scratch card: also available in landscape and portrait formats, this customizable scratch card of 130x85 is the ideal medium for your unusual communication and to win prizes for your players.

How Should You Align Your Commercial Communication with Scratch Games?

The principle of scratch games is based on the existence of one or more winning tickets in a lot of tickets. Scratcher respects this balance by designing unique and secure cards, randomly mixed while maintaining the same proportions of winning and losing symbols according to the chosen difficulty level. To make your customers win, it is possible to adopt two strategies. They consist of taking into account the value of the prizes to determine the proportion of winning cards.

In the first strategy, the higher the value of the rewards, the fewer winning cards there are. In the case of the second scratch game strategy, if there are many winning scratch cards, the reward is modest. These two strategies do not contradict each other and even allow the company to be profitable. It is even possible to merge them for greater attractiveness.

The choice of the scratch card should also be strategic. Thus, when the company wishes, for example, to launch a new product or simply highlight one of the services and aims to keep the customer on-site for a long time so that they play multiple times, the choice should be towards the contest game.

Scratcher's scratch game that corresponds to this is the one with a single square (portrait format) that allows creating surprise and instant joy. The customer immediately knows if they have won. This type of mechanism is effective when the prize to be won is significant.

Furthermore, if the company's goal is to increase traffic in its store, it is preferable to opt for discounts or well-targeted prizes. This involves using scratch cards with multiple combinations that will arouse the taste for scratch games and the lure of winning in the participant.

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