How to boost your visibility during the Christmas holidays with scratch cards?

How to boost your visibility during the Christmas holidays with scratch cards?

9th January 2022

Christmas is a prosperous time for businesses. People are in a good mood and tend to spend more. Therefore, it's the perfect moment to promote your company and gain new customers. Scratch cards are one of the most popular means for businesses of all sizes to boost their visibility during the Christmas holidays.

This tool provides excellent visibility for companies among the general public. Among their many advantages, scratch-off games are easy to distribute and cost-effective. While most people enjoy playing, they love winning even more. Hence, it's an excellent way not only to promote your company but also to build connections with your customers.

How to Use Scratch Cards During this Period?

There are numerous ways to boost brand awareness during the Christmas holidays with scratch cards.

Firstly, it's possible to have customized scratch cards printed with the company logo. These cards can then be distributed in stores, offices, or public places. They can also be given as gifts to clients or prospects. Going a step further, one can even consider offering scratch cards as part of Secret Santa, if itโ€™s organized within the company.

In addition to distributing customized scratch cards, organizing games or contests on social media is also possible. Participants can scratch their cards and share them on social media, mentioning the company. This allows the company to gain significant exposure and attract new customers or followers.

Lastly, one can consider using scratch cards as a direct marketing tool. It's possible to print promotional codes on the cards and distribute them in public places. Customers can then scratch their cards and benefit from advantages such as discounts or gifts. This technique not only boosts the company's visibility but also fosters customer loyalty.

Organizing Contests

You can use scratch cards as a means to promote a contest among your customers. It's simple: ask them to post a photo of their scratch card on social media with a specific hashtag, and offer prizes to the winners. This will help increase the reach of your contest and attract social media attention to your brand.

Special Offers

Why not plan special offers and discounts for customers who purchase your scratch cards? This will encourage people to buy and use them, thus increasing your visibility.


Scratch cards can also be used as a tool for advertising your company. Just print your logo and advertising message on the cards and distribute them in places frequented by your target audience. This will help increase your visibility among your target audience.

Utilizing Social Media

Don't hesitate to use social media to promote your scratch cards. For example, consider posting photos and messages on social media to encourage people to buy and use them. This will increase your online visibility and attract social media attention to your brand.

Partnerships with Other Companies

You can certainly involve other companies! Collaborate with other businesses to distribute your scratch cards. It's a great way to increase your visibility and reach a broader audience.

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