Scratch Card: The Solution to Retain Customers

Scratch Card: The Solution to Retain Customers

17th October 2023

Scratch Cards: Rewarding Customers in a Unique Way

For a business to thrive, nothing beats having a loyal customer base. They are the best ambassadors a company can have. So, constantly finding new ways to capture their interest and retain it is crucial. Among the various reward methods, scratch cards stand out uniquely. These little tickets are playful, offering an engaging and exciting experience while allowing customers to discover special offers, exclusive discounts, and much more. So, how can these tools be used to reward customers in an innovative and effective way?

What is a Scratch Card?

We all know the scratch card, that little magical ticket, the star of newspaper dispensers. It's captivating, especially because hitting the jackpot might be in the cards, changing one's life. What's less known is that the scratch card is not just reserved for lottery tickets or games of chance. Nope! In recent years, it has been transformed into a clever marketing tool that creates interactive and memorable experiences with customers.

What does a scratch card look like? Generally, it consists of a customized surface with a part covered by a thin layer that can be scratched to reveal what's underneath. It could be a promotional code, a percentage discount, a free gift, or even entry into a draw. The suspense and excitement of scratching the card add a playful dimension to the reward.

Generating Engagement... and Excitement!

If you're looking for a unique way to generate engagement for your business, the scratch card is definitely the marketing tool you need. Of course, there are many other ways to achieve interesting results, but none of them have the benefits of a scratch card.

This is simply explained by the notion of involvement. The scratch card allows the customer or prospect to feel actively involved in the process when scratching the card. This simple interaction constitutes a memorable experience, leaving not only a positive but also a lasting impression in the customer's mind. Obviously, the excitement of discovering what's hidden underneath is also a contributing factor. Better yet: it might even encourage some customers to come back for another scratch game!

How to Use Scratch Cards Creatively?

Scratch cards can be used in many different ways. The possibilities are, in reality, endless! It's up to your business to unleash its creativity. Here are some examples of use:

Special Offers and Exclusive Discounts

Why not use scratch cards to distribute special offers to some of your customers? You can imagine several scenarios: when a customer makes a purchase, they could be given a scratch card. The chance to win a 10% discount or even more on their next purchase could be at stake. This method has several advantages: it not only encourages customers to return but also adds a fun touch to the shopping experience.

Launching a New Product

Is your company ready to launch a new product? Know that the scratch card can seamlessly integrate into your launch strategy, as it can be used to generate excitement around a new product or service.

How could the operation unfold? When customers visit a store during a launch, they could receive a scratch card with the opportunity to win the new product, free samples, or exclusive goodies related to the launch.

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