Why is the scratch card interesting for company seminars during the holiday season?

Why is the scratch card interesting for company seminars during the holiday season?

20th December 2021

The holiday season can be the ideal time for companies to organize a seminar. Whether it's to relieve pressure, offer a more relaxed time for its employees, or simply to make an impact, the corporate seminar has the advantage of strengthening bonds. When used strategically, the scratch card can be a real asset during your end-of-year corporate seminar.

What's a Scratch Card?

Many French people favor scratch cards. Most often, it is seen as a quick and simple way to win a prize. What is less known is that scratch cards can also be used by companies or merchants by offering personalized prizes. All companies, regardless of their size, and almost all sectors of activity can be interested in scratch cards.

Scratch cards have multiple advantages. To start, the budget to acquire a certain number is entirely affordable. Moreover, on Scratcher, you can also be delivered quickly.

Another advantage of scratch cards is that they can be entirely customizable. Thus, all companies, regardless of their sector of activity, can appropriate this concept. By offering personalized scratch cards in the company's colors to your employees during a seminar, you are sure to make an impact and leave a lasting impression.

The very concept of scratch cards is very easy to understand, making it accessible to everyone. This activity requires no particular skills.

How and Why to Use It During a Seminar?

The year-end holidays are approaching, and you are tempted to use scratch cards during your corporate seminar? This is entirely possible, but this implementation must be strategic to work correctly. Chance has no place in organizing your corporate seminar.

Of course, the most important strategic point seems to be the choice of the different prizes that you will offer during the evening. And to make the event even more memorable, it is possible to personalize the scratch card, either via our customization tool or by submitting a model previously designed by your employees.

Among the essential questions to ask yourself in order to succeed in your activity is the most opportune moment to start the game. And to ensure a hit, it's better to choose numerous prizes to avoid creating too much disappointment or frustration among your employees. This is a way to ensure that the seminar will be marked by enthusiasm.

An Asset Against Boredom

Organizing a seminar can sometimes be delicate because it involves offering employees a 'time-out' that can be an opportunity to step out of the work frame, while keeping in mind that it is a professional event. To relax, gain perspective, (re)build connections... these are the main advantages of a seminar.

For the seminar to be considered an essential event, not a potential waste of time, it needs to be animated. The scratch card can be an excellent starting point to propose an original, lively, and motivating evening for all employees. Employees will be delighted to be there, and your end-of-year corporate seminar will be a success.

Indeed, it is difficult to be bored when the entertainment is successful. By offering numerous prizes, everyone has reasons to be motivated and to smile. This is one of the main advantages of using scratch cards in business.

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