Personalized Scratch Ticket: Give Away Gifts in an Original Way

Personalized Scratch Ticket: Give Away Gifts in an Original Way

August 10, 2020

How to Make Your Clients Win Gifts in an Original and Personalized Way?

Giving gifts to your clients is an excellent way to promote your brand, your offer, or to build customer loyalty. But what is the ideal context for making your clients win gifts in an original and personalized way? What gifts can you make them win to ensure the success of your operation? Answers!

Find the Ideal Context

To make your clients win gifts and ensure that this moment is a success in achieving the desired goals, it is necessary to prepare in advance. Indeed, this is a real marketing operation that must have an objective, such as promoting a new product or offer, making your concept known globally, building customer loyalty, or supporting your presence with a targeted audience. Depending on what you want to achieve in terms of results, the context for setting up your operation to offer gifts will, therefore, be important.

For example, offering a gift when an order exceeds a certain amount will be an excellent way to encourage your clients to fill their cart a little more than usual. Distributing goodies during an event will be perfect for promoting your brand and offer to a new audience. You can offer gifts at a trade show, a sports event, or even during an evening. It will also be possible to propose winning gifts by participating in a contest, which will help grow your list of newsletter subscribers, for example, or propose the distribution of personalized scratch cards.

Indeed, the custom scratch card is an excellent example because it will allow you to take advantage of a game medium that will be suitable for all audiences but, above all, customizable. The custom scratch card can thus be representative of the image of your brand or company and offer the desired gifts. Moreover, the custom scratch card is a medium that takes up little space and can be easily distributed in many situations, such as during an event, in stores, etc. The custom scratch card is, therefore, a very good way to make your clients win gifts in an original way.

Offer the Right Gifts

Whether you choose to use the custom scratch card or another method, you will also need to attach importance to the gifts you will offer. Indeed, for the operation to be a success, it must interest the clientele and, therefore, arouse their interest. Gifts adapted to your target and relevant should, therefore, be chosen to encourage the public to participate. It can be interesting to analyze your target audience in advance, but also your previous operations. Some audiences will prefer to have a better chance of winning a small goodie rather than less chance of winning a nice gift, and some audiences will prefer the opposite. Moreover, the choice of the gift must be consistent with your offer or brand since it will impact the company's image. It is, therefore, preferable to offer gifts in line with your brand image and the values of your company but also in line with the desires of your target audience.

Finding an original and personalized way to offer gifts to your clients is not so complex; you just need to listen to your target audience and make intelligent choices in line with your various objectives.

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