Personalized Scratch Ticket: Boost Your Commercial Action

Personalized Scratch Ticket: Boost Your Commercial Action

July 21, 2019

Custom Scratch Card: The Solution for Successful Business Promotion

Business promotion has become increasingly popular in recent years. The goal is as simple as it is precise: to boost traffic to the sales site, with the aim of significantly increasing the company's revenue. Achieving this objective requires the implementation of effective, strategic, and above all, original promotions that can capture the attention of as many people as possible. If you lack inspiration in this regard, consider trying the custom scratch card!

Custom Scratch Card: Why is it a good choice for your business?

The effectiveness and success of scratch cards stem from their ability to develop a strong connection with the audience. These accessories easily fit into any in-store promotional idea that exploits an event or seasonality. It must be said that different scratch card designers offer game mechanics that can strategically adapt to various types of operations!

The personalized scratch card can, for example, be used if you want to launch a new product or present a new service offered by your company. In such cases, a 'contest' type promotional activity can be considered to give a flash to your business. To play on immediacy and create a nice surprise effect, it is advisable to reserve the scratch card for a single box.

The larger the prize at stake, the more effective your business promotion based on personalized scratch cards will be. Your customers and the prospects you target can instantly know if they have won or not, and this type of promotional activity can make them stay longer, allowing them to try their luck again. Beyond that, they will see this business action as a mark of consideration and attention towards them!

From then on, it will be much easier to convince them to adopt the services/products you offer or to retain them if they are already part of your customer base. In either case, using a personalized scratch card will help improve your brand image and, in the long run, increase your revenue. And that's not all since the scratch card can also give you a competitive advantage and help increase traffic to your sales sites!

How to Increase Traffic to a Sales Site with Scratch Cards?

It is possible to design promotions that will encourage your customers to participate, either through discounts or well-targeted prizes, with a personalized scratch card. To do this, it is preferable to opt for slightly more complex scratching mechanics than the one mentioned earlier. This will arouse the taste for the game and the lure of more substantial gains, and several possibilities are available to you in this context.

Among other things, you can set up a promotional activity with scratch cards with multiple combinations, ensuring that each card has a winning combination, but that only scratched cards specify the prize to be won. With the custom scratch card, you can be sure to have traffic on your sales site, regardless of its size!

The promotional activities that can be set up with scratch cards are indeed capable of easily adapting to large surfaces. The cards easily find their place when it comes to organizing an animation for major seasonal events in shopping centers (Mother's Day, sales, Valentine's Day, exhibitions, or back to school).

It's hard to find more opportune occasions for distributing personalized scratch cards: this type of ticket, granting discounts here, will allow you to increase interactions with the public and create a festive atmosphere conducive to high attendance at your sales site. That said, to take full advantage, you will still need to succeed in making your custom scratch cards! Don't know how to go about it in this context? Keep reading!

How to Make Your Scratch Cards for Maximum Effectiveness?

Since it is a personalized scratch card, one of the first points to consider is the personalization of your tickets. Several possibilities are conceivable in this context. One of the most popular is to put your logo on each scratch card, which will make it easier to identify your brand or company.

It is recommended to add the contact details of your company, to allow a potential prospect interested in your products and/or services to contact you easily. Moreover, compliance with current regulations requires you to include on each personalized scratch card the rules of the game, as well as a photo and a brief description of the prize to be won.

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