Surprise Your Customers with Scratch Tickets in a Contest

Surprise Your Customers with Scratch Tickets in a Contest

December 20, 2021

The reputation of a business, and therefore its sales, depends on many factors: the quality of products, the accuracy of prices, the reputation of the company, but above all, its marketing strategy. To build customer loyalty and win the hearts of new buyers, there's nothing better than implementing well-executed and attractive promotional activities such as contests. Here are some tips for organizing a game with personalized scratch tickets.

Organize Your Contest According to Your Objectives

First and foremost, it's essential to clearly define the objectives you want to achieve with this promotional activity: attract new customers, increase sales during a slow period, build customer loyalty, introduce a new collection, sell off unsold items, etc. Defining this point is extremely important because your entire marketing strategy related to your contest will depend on it.

If you want to attract new customers, print scratch tickets in large quantities, include small discounts, and distribute them during street marketing operations to encourage people who don't know your business to come and discover it. On the other hand, to build customer loyalty, opt for tickets to be distributed with every purchase at the checkout.

If your goal is to highlight new products or sell certain items that you will no longer offer in the future, personalize your scratch tickets to offer your customers special discounts on these specific products: this will give your customers the feeling of getting a good deal.

Why Choose Scratch Tickets?

Organizing a promotional activity offers a lot of freedom: you can develop more or less what you want, as long as you remain consistent with your commercial offer. However, in a world where competition is becoming increasingly fierce, it's important to stand out from your competitors and arouse the curiosity of potential customers.

For this reason, we recommend focusing on a participatory activity such as a game, demonstration, or tasting: these are activities that attract crowds and intrigue enough to convince passersby to come and see what's going on. Among these methods, the simplest and least expensive to organize is the contest. Indeed, proposing to your customers to win attractive prizes through scratch tickets is easy to organize, inexpensive, and suitable for all businesses.

For your activity to be successful, all you need to do is highlight interesting prizes such as significant discounts, invitations to a private event, or weekend boxes, for example, using banners, posters, or flyers. Then, you can distribute your scratch tickets at each checkout, in the street, in a shopping center, or even in mailboxes depending on your preferences.

Personalize Your Tickets Now

Thanks to our intuitive and easy-to-use creation tool, you can create your personalized scratch tickets in just a few clicks. Shape, scratch area, results, and prizes: you have the option to customize every element of your ticket so that it perfectly matches your business and your contest. If needed, you can also contact our teams, who will be happy to assist you in creating your personalized tickets!

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