Scratch Games: A Precious Tool for Team Cohesion

Scratch Games: A Precious Tool for Team Cohesion

23rd October 2023

Improving Employee Team Cohesion with Scratch Games

The challenges facing businesses today are numerous, from sometimes fierce competition to the need to keep teams motivated and productive. A often underestimated solution to improve team cohesion is the intelligent use of scratch games. These small games of chance may seem trivial, but they can bring great benefits when used strategically.

Scratch Games to Create Collaboration Opportunities

Within a company, finding solutions to improve team cohesion is not always easy. Fortunately, some tools can be very valuable. Thus, scratch games can act as catalysts to encourage collaboration within your team.

How to implement this? By organizing, for example, group scratch card sessions. In this way, employees are encouraged to work together to achieve a common goal: to win. This collaboration, even if forced, can help break down barriers between team members and create stronger bonds.

To realize this, just imagine a team meeting where each member receives a scratch card. Together, they must work to solve puzzles. Scratching the right squares would allow them to win a prize. It's an original way to strengthen the bonds between several members of the same team!

A Tool to Reward Effort and Performance

Scratch tickets can also be used as a means of rewarding employees' effort and performance. Instead of distributing traditional monetary bonuses, you can certainly consider offering scratch games as rewards.

For example, an employee who has reached their sales goals may be awarded a special scratch game with interesting prizes for them. Excitement and surprise thus mix with the feeling of recognition for efforts made. The employee feels listened to and considered. It is therefore positive reinforcement, and even a source of new motivation.

A Way to Promote Relaxation and Friendliness

Scratch games are also an excellent way to lighten the atmosphere in the office and promote friendliness. Organizing occasional scratch card sessions during breaks allows employees to have fun and disconnect from daily stress.

These moments of relaxation can encourage informal discussions among team members, which can strengthen bonds and create a more pleasant working environment.

Scratch Cards to Encourage Quick Decision Making

Scratch games are often based on luck, but what is less imagined is that they also require quick decision making. It's true: players must choose which squares to scratch and when to do it.

And, in the end, can't the ability to make quick decisions be transferred to the professional world? Some work situations require it. This game is therefore also a way to develop employees' skills in quick decision making.

An Ideal Tool to Stimulate Creativity in a Playful Way

Some variants of scratch games require creativity to solve puzzles or unlock rewards. This mental stimulation can be beneficial for employees as it encourages them to think innovatively and find original solutions.

Finally, it is difficult to deny that these valuable communication tools offer a playful experience that can brighten up the workday. When employees know they have the opportunity to participate in fun and exciting activities, it creates positive anticipation and can contribute to improving their morale.

In conclusion, scratch games have more than one trick up their sleeve! If they can be a powerful tool to improve team cohesion within your company, they also promote collaboration, reward effort, encourage relaxation, promote quick decision making, and stimulate creativity. A playful experience to definitely try to strengthen the bonds between your employees!

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