How to Animate and Develop Your Association?

How to Animate and Develop Your Association?

June 11, 2017

Are you a leader or volunteer within an association? Whether you aim to defend a cause dear to your heart or want to promote a particular activity, you are constantly seeking innovative ideas to animate your days and attract the public without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas to make your events profitable beyond the classic paid entrance ticket!

Organize Games While Making Profits

For the sustainability of your association, to continue developing your activities as much as you want, it is more than desirable to have cash flow. Today, it is possible to animate your association while making profits, where each person present will enjoy a simple, pleasant, and enjoyable moment... The key is that lively and profitable moments for your event must be simultaneous, spontaneous, and coherent for the attendees.

Many associations organize tournaments, sports challenges, concerts, itinerant rallies, outings, excursions, or various games! In addition to bonding group members, this also opens the association to external people around a playful atmosphere, and perhaps recruit new members! But organizing such meetings has a cost that needs to be optimized intelligently. Apart from the classic paid entrance tickets, here are some original ideas to make such activities profitable without giving your members the bitter taste of going to the cashier.

Scratch Cards Linked to Your Events!

Imagine scratch cards where each one contains winning and losing boxes to discover. Take, for example, the 100% variable Scratch lottery scratch cards from Scratcher. The player must not scratch everything but only a set number of boxes! It's up to them, based on their instinct, to find the position of the good ones! Luck depends only on the player and not on the distributed card!

Armed with these cards, you can distribute them during your activities to your members in exchange for €2 or more for them to try to get more out of the event! In case of success on various combinations, you can offer them physical prizes (toys, bike, car, trip, consumptions, restaurants, gift cards) but also prizes without direct monetary value for you! (VIP access, private access to lodges/stands, free entry, free round, free cloakroom...).

For an association, you allow yourself to create an innovative image, far from traditional raffles organized with numbered papers solely present for profitability. Now your animations and your cash flow are part of a single process for the participants.

These participants buy your cards to have fun trying their luck on prizes or activities that appeal to them and for which, they know they can actually win! Your approach is modern and does not fail to arouse interest when everyone is a potential winner, all while allowing you to have, in the end, a promising treasury!

Example of a scratch poker game (front/back) to win prizes of varying importance depending on the hand obtained by scratching.

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