Delight Your Employees with a Scratch Ticket

Delight Your Employees with a Scratch Ticket

November 17, 2020

Reward Your Employees through Scratch Tickets

End-of-year celebrations, signing of an important contract, there are many occasions to want to reward your employees. But how to ensure everyone is delighted? It's simple: use the scratch ticket. It's both fun and appealing: everyone wants to see if they've won something. Depending on the industry you work in, you can offer products created by your company or discounts at certain stores. If that's not possible, your employees will appreciate winning vouchers for a dinner at a restaurant or cinema tickets, for example. Finally, some companies choose to offer their employees days or half-days of paid leave, which is ideal after a long intense or stressful period. This not only pleases your employees by allowing them time for themselves but also shows them that their well-being matters to you. And all this thanks to a scratch ticket!

The Importance of a Good Work Environment

The number of studies highlighting the importance of employee well-being in companies is countless. Indeed, happy employees will be more involved, more productive, and also more loyal to their company since a lot of surveyed individuals say they would prefer a company where they feel good rather than another offering them a slightly more attractive salary. Thanks to the scratch ticket, you can reward your employees after signing an important contract or if your turnover for the year has been good. End-of-year celebrations are also an ideal occasion; everyone appreciates receiving a gift, and it's even better if it allows them to win something attractive, as with the scratch ticket. To establish a good work environment, you can also organize collective events such as games or group outings based on the size of your company. This will allow everyone to meet each other but also to discover their higher-ups from a different perspective, making them more accessible. This kind of event is ideal for team building and even for resolving certain conflicts. By the way, why not use scratch tickets so that everyone discovers which team they belong to, for example?

Personalize a Scratch Ticket in a Few Clicks

What's great about a scratch ticket is that you can personalize absolutely everything: shape and size of the scratch area, cardboard size, text under the scratch area, etc. To do this, it's very simple, you just have to start by choosing the starting model that you like from a wide selection. As for the price, count between thirty-five cents and a little over one euro maximum per ticket for a small order of 200 tickets, which does not represent a big budget. Unit prices then decrease with more volume. Once you have chosen the model that suits you, you can modify the text on the ticket and the colors in just a few minutes. If you don't have time to create a visual or if you don't really master this area, no problem, many templates are available, and you just have to make your choice. Depending on the type of ticket you have chosen, you will be able to add a certain number of hidden message variants for your employees to discover. If you encounter difficulties or need help, do not hesitate to directly contact our customer service by phone or email; we will be happy to advise and guide you step by step in creating your tickets.

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