Reward Your Employees with the Scratch Card

Reward Your Employees with the Scratch Card

April 28, 2021

Looking for an original way to reward your employees? Discover the advantages of personalized scratch cards

Several studies show that having happy and fulfilled employees in their work leads to numerous benefits, both in the atmosphere and in the annual results of a company.

Are you looking for a fun and inexpensive solution to reward your employees for their commitment to the company? Discover the personalized scratch card and all its advantages!

When to Use Scratch Cards?

Among all the activities that can be set up in a company, games are undoubtedly what attract participants the most, either out of love for competition or attraction to the prize offered to the winner.

With scratch cards, you can set up contests to encourage your employees to conclude more sales, for example. By winning a certain number of tickets per sale, they increase their chances of winning the top prize, which motivates them to redouble their efforts.

Finally, during end-of-year parties or for each anniversary (of a colleague or the company), you can reward the gifts you want to your teams by distributing previously personalized scratch cards.

The advantage of scratch cards is their customizability: whether it's the card itself or the hidden prize behind the scratch area, you are free to choose what you want. The low price of scratch tickets allows you to use this medium on various occasions to please your employees while managing your budget.

What Prizes to Choose to Make a Game Attractive?

The goal of a contest organized in a company is often to play on the competitiveness of employees by encouraging them to get more involved in their daily tasks, aiming to surpass their colleagues and access the long-awaited reward through a scratch card.

For this to work, the prize to be won must be more attractive than a box of paper clips! Depending on your sector of activity, you can, for example, offer your employees the chance to win a flagship product from your brand or discounts on your catalog via their scratch card.

With a budget allocated to these events, you can aim higher and offer prizes related to relaxation, such as weekend boxes or dinners at a restaurant. If you have fewer resources, you can also offer a day off to the winner or opt for a more humorous prize like a week's supply of coffee, for example!

The Importance of Competition in a Company

If overly pronounced competition can become a source of rivalry, which can later cause tensions and conflicts within company teams, a little challenge among employees of the same department helps boost everyone's motivation and enables learning to listen and work together.

When organized in a benevolent manner and under good conditions, competition among employees encourages pushing limits and making faster decisions to achieve a final goal, that of winning a scratch card to access a great prize!

To make the game more interesting and to combine competition and collaboration, don't hesitate to organize a team game, which will also be an opportunity for some employees to get to know each other better. During recruitment waves, it's an excellent way to help new arrivals integrate easily with others.

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