Animate a Commercial Challenge with Scratch Tickets

Animate a Commercial Challenge with Scratch Tickets

December 20, 2021

A sales challenge is an excellent way to boost your sales force and your business activity. It's nothing less than an opportunity to motivate all members of your sales teams by offering rewards when a goal is achieved. Different types of challenges can be organized, and scratch cards are a great tool to leverage during a sales challenge.

How to organize a sales challenge?

In a few words, a sales challenge involves organizing an operation aimed at stimulating your sales teams. Beyond the playful aspect, it's mainly about increasing the productivity of the company and generating more sales.

The sales challenge can also be considered as an integral part of a company's strategy, not just as a one-time operation. It can be implemented in several ways:

  • It can be individual, in which case all salespeople in the same company are in competition. A goal is set, and the best performers are rewarded.
  • It can be collective, and in this case, it's up to all your sales teams to work together to achieve monthly or annual goals.
  • The sales challenge can be qualitative: in this case, it's not the number of generated sales that is rewarded, but, for example, the 'quality' of the new clients obtained.
  • It can, of course, be quantitative.

It's up to the company to define the nature of the sales challenge it wants to organize based on the elements mentioned above. What are the goals? How many winners? And, of course, what rewards?

Strategy and Objectives

A sales challenge is not built randomly. At Scratcher, we know that rewards are crucial, but the challenge must be planned in advance. It must reflect the company's image and be thought out globally.

Thus, it's essential to define your strategy before launching and set clear, realistic objectives. The challenge can involve salespeople, but it can also extend to other employees, such as sales managers or employees in direct contact with clients.

Choice of Rewards

Organizing a sales challenge is good, but how to talk about it without mentioning rewards? Scratch cards, in addition to being fun, can be an excellent way to make the challenge even more interesting.

The reward is a way to demonstrate the company's recognition of its employees. So, to perfect the organization of the challenge, one can imagine integrating scratch cards as a tool that leads to rewards.

It goes without saying that the prize should not be randomly defined. It can take various forms: gift vouchers, bonuses, or more personal gifts.

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards can be integrated in several different ways into the challenge. In the case of a collective challenge, for example, one can imagine multiple rewards of the same value. Each salesperson who has reached the goal can thus discover their prize in a playful way, via a scratch card reflecting the colors of the company.

In the case of an individual challenge, scratch cards can also be used as a way to reward other employees, those who have come close to the goal without necessarily achieving it. This can be a way to offer them a form of reward as well and boost their motivation.

Scratch cards have the advantage of being quite affordable and do not represent major expenses for the company. There are no strict rules to follow, so they are open to everyone. Your company's sales challenge will be even more playful and motivating!

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